Zander and Gia ~ Masterpiece


     “But you have not told me how you would employ me as your cabin boy,” he growled into her ear.

     Gia sighed. “I would have you partake of my table now and again.”

     “Mm, sounds delicious. On top of the table, underneath the table…” Zander allowed his hands to wander over Gia’s body as if he had all the time in the world.

     “Not again, I could not endure it!” Her back arched as he settled one of his hands between her thighs.

     Zander chuckled. “Your voice protests, but your legs spread for me as if they were answering in the positive,” he murmured as he grazed his thumb over her tender pearl.

     “Zander,” she breathed.

     “Just a taste, my love,” he murmured, sliding a hand over the curve of her hip and leaning up on his elbow to kiss his way across her thigh.

     “Please,” she gasped as he positioned himself between her thighs.

     “I am moving as fast as I can, my love. Be patient.”

     “I did not mean—ah!” Gia yelped as he brought his mouth down on her body, finding her clitoris with his tongue and running back and forth over it. He found her hands with his and roughly pulled her arms straight, causing her pelvis to lean on his mouth.
“You are so delicious,” he murmured, lapping at her flesh. “So sweet.” He licked. “So desirable.” He suckled her.

     “Zander, please.”

     “Come for me again, my Gia. Let me taste your juices.”

     Gia gripped his hands as she came.

     He sucked hard on her as her body strained and bucked in her ecstasy.

     When he finally let her go and lay down next to her, she moved on top of him and pinned Zander beneath her. “You have created in me a relentless desire,” she panted, “to have you inside me after you make me come.” She did not give him a chance to respond. Gia took hold of his cock and guided him between her legs.

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