Book: Unmasked (1795)

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Venice, Italy, 1795 – Gwendolyn Rawleigh has done something she should be ashamed of, but is confident all repercussions will be avoided—if her companions keep the scandal to themselves. Her main concern is that she took this holiday not only to elude the pre-season nonsense of the infamous marriage mart of London, but to have a chance at making her own match. Her confidence shines brightly, but her lack of experience could send her headlong into the dark sensual autonomy of Carnival.

Ellie Appleton innocently watches Gwennie charm her way around the Venetian ballroom, longing to be as poised and elegant as her best friend. But in the darkness of her room she hungers for the touch of a man’s hands, to feel his lips on hers and explore the forbidden secrets of her own wicked fantasies.

After finding out that his sister lied about procuring a proper chaperone, Weston Rawleigh, Gwendolyn’s twin brother, is obligated to stand in as escort for his sister and her best friend. Pity that his chances of finding a bit of sport on this trip have been considerably lessened, which is a shame as Venice is famous for its accomplished courtesans and his usual tastes lean toward the sexually experienced. Most unexpectedly, he begins to find Ellie’s artlessness more than intriguing—even though he wrestles with his conscience about it at every turn.

Albert Pedley is a friend of Weston’s who has offered for Gwendolyn’s hand before, but was adamantly refused by Gwen herself. Albert, who believes that the Rawleigh’s owe him something, thinks he has found a way to be more appealing to Gwen as well as be Weston’s very best friend by helping some Florentine thugs find a wanted man.

Marcello Verdante’s enemies have chased him out of Florence, threatening that if he attempted to remain in Italy and petition his claim for the Medici fortune, he will be killed. But when Gwendolyn Rawleigh turns his head while he hides out during Carnival, he can’t keep his eyes or his hands off of her.

 Caution: Handle with potholders ~ This one’s pretty hot!


 Genre: Historical, Early Regency, Erotic Romance

“The English Regency period occurred roughly between 1790 and 1820 (although some people will debate that–saying the true Regency period was between 1810 and 1820)”

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Note: This book is a re-release of a previously

published book of the same name, by Genella deGrey

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  1. Gina Candido says:

    YAY!! You have your official book cover! Woot!!! Congratulations!!

    Arial 😉

  2. Arial says:

    Wow!!!! Number 3! Keep rollin’ with it baby!!! I can’t wait to read this one! Go G! Go G! Go G!

    Arial 😉

  3. Elle says:


    I am so excited for you. I cannot wait to have my own copy of this.
    I knew one day I’d be standing in line for one of your books.


  4. Congrats, Genella!!! This sounds like my kind of read!!! And LOVE the unique setting. Any idea when it will release?

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  6. Arial says:

    OMG I LOVE IT!!! What a treat to read this prior to reading your book. Personally, I love back story and POSH on the editors who always tell us to edit them out! Thank you for sharing!!

    That’s my two pence…
    Arial 😉

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