The Trouser Game Behind the Scenes with Bradley and Bingham



“So if I agree to the contract, I will be teaching beginning this September.”

Bingham, Bradley’s valet who also doubled as a butler—not owing to of lack of funds, but pride in the Townsend family name, fastened the last cufflink on the master’s sleeve. “Very good, sir. And what, exactly will you be teaching?”

“’Cultural Behavior’ will be the name of the class. Although the curriculum will naturally extend to sexual practices such as the Kama Sutra.”

“I do wonder,” Bingham replied while he swept the shoulders and arms of Bradley’s formal evening jacket with a clothes brush, “that they haven’t asked for your course plan up front.”

“You think the board will disapprove?” He asked, unable to hide his grin from Bingham.

“Readily, sir. And with the utmost prejudice.”

Bradley chuckled. “I suppose, it could come to blows that way.” He considered his reflection in the full-length looking glass before him and, as always, was pleased with the job Bingham had done. “However, coupled with my degree and the fact that I’ve traveled the world makes me qualified as well as experienced. Not many professors can bring that to the table. Besides, I’ll make it such an interesting class that no one will want to spoil it by tattling, so I doubt the powers that be will find out.”

“As you say.” Bradley turned so that Bingham could have access to his tie. “And when will you be signing the agreement?”

“I’ve asked for a few weeks to think it over.”

“I may be over-stepping my bounds, and perhaps it is because I’ve known you for most of your life, but a situation isn’t a necessary thing for you, sir.”

“I know Bingham, but I don’t wish to sit around unoccupied. The twentieth century is upon us. The day of the idle gentlemen has run its course.”

Bradley glanced at the mirror for one final inspection while Bingham returned his set of brushes to the dressing table drawer. “Well done, Bingham.” He complemented his valet. Exiting his rooms, he took the stairs to the breezeway and quit the townhouse for the alumnus party.

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