How to Find Free Erotic Romance eBooks – Non-Pirated, that is!


I’ve recently joined the unemployed masses. My finances, even when I was an intricate part of the workforce, were tight. Now I’m going to have to punch another hole or two in the preverbal belt so I can squeeze it even tighter. I’m really not looking forward to this. I’m afraid. I am a single mom – I have no hero, no champion of my own who can help take care of me and my son – I’m totally on my own. If I fail, it’s all on my shoulders.


Now I’m scraping for coupons and freebies just to make ends meet – and I know I’m not alone in this.

About two weeks ago, not moments after my contract with The Walt Disney Company (and needless to say, my one-sided love affair/wanting to work there) ended, I thought about how all the money from the pirated ebooks would have helped now that I’m unemployed.


This sort of thing happens every day to artists – and some of you do it without batting an eyelash . . . or without even knowing you are doing it.


You’ll never fully understand the financial impact pirated books has on writers, musicians or on any other reusable art form until it happens to you.

I pray it never does.

Here are a couple of LEGITIMATE websites you can find free erotic romance ebooks you can download, guilt-free:

Total E-Bound

All Romance Ebooks

And finally, ANYTIME you want to look up legitimately FREE ebooks on Amazon, NON-pirated, promos by the author, follow these directions:

At the top of the Amazon page where the search fields are, choose ‘books’ in the drop down then type in $0.00, and hit ‘go’

Thank you from all of us authors for your continuing support! 🙂




RT 2010 ~

If you know me, you know that I look forward to RT all year long. This year was no exception.

Upon my arrival at my room, I threw open the curtains and this is what I found:

To which I grined and mumbled, “Cool.”

Our first event was the Midnight Mad Hatter’s Historical Tea Party. I confess, I got more than a little crazy for this event.

I was awarded the privilage of decorating the focal point of the room:

This was my signing table:

And the madness continued as my friend Courtney and I reveled into the wee hours at the bar:

At Club RT, I raffled off a basket (OK, BOX) of a few of my favorite things:

and got to meet my UK Publisher from Total e-Bound, Claire (and found out later we share a birthday on April 30th):

The Fairy Ball came next:

Then came the Vampire Ball:

Saturday night was the Total e-bound dinner. So many amazing writers in one room, I could barely contain my inner fan-girl!:

Here are a few random snaps of peeps enjoying RT:

Thanks for stopping in – I can’t wait until next year in Los Angeles!!



Guest Author Jude Mason –

Today I have a special guest on my blog, a fellow author with Total E-Bound, the amazing Jude Mason.

When I looked at her back list and commented that she has a gazillion books out, she denied it prettily.

*whispering* But she really does! 😉

We’ll talk about her latest release a little later, so stay tuned.


I’ve invited Jude here not just because she’s a fabulous, wholly prolific author, but I came across her perspective on “The Elusive Reader.” The truth of her post struck a cord in me and I immediately set out to ask her permission to re-post it on my blog.


So my dear friends      please read on——-


     This topic came up on one of the many yahoo lists I belong to and it really touched me. How often has a reader told me they lurk because they don’t feel important enough to post a message or comment on something an author has shared?


     Oh my god!


     I could cry when I hear it, or even think it. In some distant tiny part of myself, I can identify with that feeling of uncertainty. I mean if Stephan King walked in the door I’d possibly faint. But, I can almost guarantee he’d say the same thing I would.


     Horse pucky!


     Without you, the readers, we’re just dumbass writers making up lies and writing them down. Yes, we create stories, and yes we do try to get them to sound beautiful or tragic or sexy, but we do it for you. I can’t say that without you, I’d stop telling my little lies, but I can tell you, without you, it just seems so damn lonely and pointless.


     Look, everyone has a gift. I believe everyone also has some form of deformity or handicap too, but that’s a whole nuther post. My gift is imagination. What’s yours? My husband has an amazing eye for wildlife photography. The pictures he shows me often take my breath. Like me, his gift isn’t something he worked for or deserves, it’s just there.


     Now, if you, my reader, like a certain thing I’ve written, how will I know unless you tell me? If you despise something, the same is true. I continue to write, and do a lot of praying in the process that someone will like what I come up with.



     The odd time, and I can count those times on my fingers, a reader will send me an email. It’s like a gift has been delivered. I’m almost afraid to respond to them for fear of scaring them off. I have heard that readers are afraid of us. It seems crazy that someone would be afraid, or feel less important than me. I mean, if you could see me now, scruffy sweats and slippers, my hair sticking out all over and me     chewing on my lip, you’d laugh at the very idea that this woman could be ‘all that’.


     I treasure those emails, few though they are. They are all I have to go on when it comes to what readers want. I’ve been told I write too short…I’m working on that all the time. Calls for submission often call for a certain length, so those times I don’t have a lot of say in the word count. But, when I get going on my own, I try very hard to take those words into account. Too short, readers like paranormal and they also seem to like series’. What other things, alpha males. I got that bit of info from my newsletter contest last month. Even when I’m writing m/m, one of the m’s should be more gung ho and bossy than the other. Yup, I can do that.


     The yahoo groups I belong to are a perfect example of authors desperate for input. Take one of the publisher organized chats. Add a dozen authors eager to share their blurbs and excerpts for new releases and you’ve got the makings of some great fun. Some of those yahoo groups have thousands of members, others have hundreds. Yet, chances are, when there’s an organized chat, there will be possibly a dozen comments by non-authors. I’ve seen authors literally pounce on the poor person. A feeding frenzy of desire to please, and that scares the reader off. I know it does. The others do too. But, it’s such a hunger to know what this brave brazen soul likes that we just can’t help ourselves.



     So, readers/fans please, you are the other half of our coin. We know you’re out there, someone’s buying those books, and we can hear you breathing… heavily! Do us a favor, honestly this would be sooo fantastic, when you read something you really like, gather your courage and send the author a short note. Tell her, or him, what you liked so much. The next time you’re in one of those yahoo chats, and your favorite author makes an appearance, let her know. Tell her the name of your favorite book of hers. Just let her know you’re there. And, if you hate something, let us know that too, or we’re liable to do it again and again, and that would just suck.


     Thanks so much for listening. I’d love to get comments on this, from both other authors and yes, you readers.






True, true, true! I couldn’t have said it better – Thank you so much Jude!



Jude’s next work of art, an anthology entitled “Gaymes” is scheduled to come out on Jan.18th from Total E-Bound.

To learn more about Gaymes click on the cover above.

Jude Mason writes all genres of erotic romance fiction including Ghosts & Sci Fi, Paranormal – Vampires & Shifters, Gay & Lesbian, Erotic horror, BDSM: Femdom & male Dom and Erotica.

See? A gazillion books.

Seriously, that just about covers all of adult romance – unless she’s holding out on us. 😉


Thank you again, Jude – May you have abundant sales!


 A bit more about Jude:

 *Jude Mason – Readers needed: Come, explore with me…if you dare!*
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