RT 2010 ~

If you know me, you know that I look forward to RT all year long. This year was no exception.

Upon my arrival at my room, I threw open the curtains and this is what I found:

To which I grined and mumbled, “Cool.”

Our first event was the Midnight Mad Hatter’s Historical Tea Party. I confess, I got more than a little crazy for this event.

I was awarded the privilage of decorating the focal point of the room:

This was my signing table:

And the madness continued as my friend Courtney and I reveled into the wee hours at the bar:

At Club RT, I raffled off a basket (OK, BOX) of a few of my favorite things:

and got to meet my UK Publisher from Total e-Bound, Claire (and found out later we share a birthday on April 30th):

The Fairy Ball came next:

Then came the Vampire Ball:

Saturday night was the Total e-bound dinner. So many amazing writers in one room, I could barely contain my inner fan-girl!:

Here are a few random snaps of peeps enjoying RT:

Thanks for stopping in – I can’t wait until next year in Los Angeles!!