A Date with an Author ~ Melissa Lopez

Please help me welcome, Contemporary Romance and Paranormal author, Melissa Lopez!


GdG: Hi Melissa & welcome! How’s the weather where you live right now?  

ML: I live in central Indiana and the weather is suspiciously mild. I’m just waiting for winter to finally hit ya with a whammy.

GdG: LOL, Suspiciously mild – it’s suspiciously HOT in Southern California, so I know exactly what you are talking about!! 😀 What is your favorite piece of winter/seasonal clothing? Where did you get it? 

ML: I guess my favorite winter gear is my periwinkle parka which I bought at L.L. Bean. I love the color. 


GdG: That is a great color!! OK, now Pet Pix!


ML: Deci is my daughter’s beautiful longhaired cat. Aly rescued her two years ago while volunteering there. She brought Deci home, because of her missing ear. I’m so glad Aly adopted her. Deci’s been the best cat ever.

GdG: She looks quite content! 🙂 Tell us, how do you get into the writing zone if you happen to be unmotivated that day?

ML: A little Rock ‘n Roll usually gets my muse in the mood.

GdG: What is your preferred media when writing? (Pen & paper, audio notes, laptop, cocktail napkin?)

ML: Well, when I first started writing I wrote in a notebook, but now besides a new idea that I’ll jot down in a note I write mostly on a desktop.

GdG: I started way back when using notebooks, too! 🙂 What is the weirdest thing upon which you’ve written an idea? (hand, a mirror with lipstick)

ML: On a plane ticket while traveling is probably the weirdest place I’ve ever written a story idea.

GdG: Not that is different!! 😀 Do you have a favorite work space?

ML: My office space is probably my favorite workspace to work because it’s my personal space, but I write a lot on my desktop in the living room. I guess I like noise. LOL…


GdG: What a gorgeous color! Tell us about a time when you weren’t writing and a fantastic idea hit you like a truck. 

ML: I once had an idea at a Jimmy Buffet concert. LOL…I didn’t even have my purse on me to take a note down. 

GdG: Ugh! I can’t imagine – a concert? Wow! 🙂 Kindly provide how you came up with your latest WIP, and please give us a blurb or a few sentences from it. 

ML: Cursed by Moonlight is based on the hanged man Tarot card. Although I’ve not read a fortune in a long while I own a couple Tarot decks. 

By day, Alric is a fearless warrior who rules his people fairly and protects them fiercely. But when the full moon rises, he becomes that which he hates…a beast whose ferocious impulses he cannot control.

Cassi belongs to a wandering superstitious people who have set up camp on Alric’s land. From the moment she first catches sight of the lord of the land, she is enchanted by him.

And he is no better off. It’s no wonder his people call her a witch. Feeding, fighting, and avoiding reproduction has made up his days until Cassi appears. His wolf within is clawing to get to her. Then night begins and her scent calls to him…desire and despair nearly bring him to his knees

Alric is desperate to find an end to his curse, and he calls upon Cassi to help him. But as a mysterious old crone has hinted, only he can free himself.

Hunting a feral werewolf only convinces Alric of how desperate his situation is. Can they find a way to be together when they face not only mortal danger but the fear of their people?

GdG: Cool! And it’s available right now! W00t!


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GdG: Beautiful cover! Do you have any plans to attend book conferences in 2016? If so, please tell us which ones?

ML: I attend RAGT put on by Lori Foster nearly every year. RAGT is in Ohio and is my favorite conference. Lori’s gatherings are so laid back and fun. I will be there in June.

 GdG: Where is the best place for people to follow you where you consistently post? Twitter, FB, etc.? 

ML: I won’t call myself a FaceBook addict, but I pop on and off several times a day.


I also love Instragram.


GdG: Please provide your official website or blog.

ML: My website is under construction and should be up and running with a week.


 ML: My blog is:


GdG: Great! Any final words of wisdom or well wishes for the New Year you’d like to share?

ML: Well, here’s a little something my dad told me during his final trip. Make memories, be happy, and don’t live with regret. Life is short. We don’t get do-overs. Happy 2016! Hope everyone has a good one.

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your cyber home. It’s been fun.


GdG: Thank YOU, Melissa! 🙂