Tombstone, AZ ~ My favorite “Haunt”

Ghost Hunters TV Show? Please. How about some REAL ghost stoires – *without* commercials? 😉


Looking for a unique vacation destination? Interested in experiencing paranormal activity? Skeptic or rabid ghost chaser, I have two words for you:




With the many violent deaths in the particular town back in the old west, it’s no wonder spirits congregate here.


First, you should stay at the Tombstone Boarding House Bed and Breakfast. “What’s so special about that place?” You ask . . .


Let’s start with The Blue Room. In the wee hours of the morning, you can actually hear carriage wheels riding along on the street outside. I’ve never peeked out the window, but it does make me smile every time. Also, one of the ghostly inhabitants must be having trouble sleeping. He walks back and forth along the front of the B & B. His slow steps echo with determination upon the wooden porch – that BTW, is cement now. Earlier than that, say around 2 or 3 in the AM every night, you can smell the faint lilac perfume of a curious lady ghost wafting across the room. She’s visited me many times in this room. Once you acknowledge her presence, her lovely scent fades and she bothers you no more – until her next visit.


In the movie,Tombstone (one of my very favorite movies), Sam Elliot’s character, Virgil Earp, says this: “Boy you can smell the silver in this town.” It should read “You can smell the ghosts in this town.” LOL


From The Red Room you can hear furniture or what sounds like big steam trunks being slammed against the walls of the adjacent Green Room. (This is probably the creepiest thing I’ve experienced at this B & B.) Someone is really ticked off and they are working through their anger in the next room over. Perhaps it’s the original owner upset about the vacancy.


There are still the Gold and White rooms to be investigated, but I enjoy the Red and the Blue rooms the most. The detached room, I can’t remember the name of it (The Miner’s Cabin, or something like that) really freaked out someone I used to know, so I don’t go near that one. Residual Energy Imprint or an actual entity, you decide. Read more accounts from the Tombstone Boarding House Bed and Breakfast here and here.


Now let’s move onto Allen Street and Big Nose Kate’s Saloon – which used to be The Grand Hotel back in the day. Again, a spot where poltergeist’s congregate to stir up mischief. There is a balcony at the back of the main bar room where the door that leads to a rarely-used storage room opens and closes all by itself. Upon the balcony, there are decorations – two manikins to be exact, one male and one female. One of the bartenders told us that when they first put them up, no matter what they did, they couldn’t keep the cowboy hat on the male figure. Every day they had to replace it because it was somehow knocked off. As for the female, I heard tell that although the naked eye couldn’t see it happening, she, along with her heavy metal stand, would slowly rotate.


That same bartender once told us a really great story. One night when they were closing up, across the main room they saw a man in a cowboy hat leaning against the upright piano. The bartender told the man that they were closed and he needed to head out. The man tipped his hat and headed for the back of the establishment, where there is no way out. He sent one of the other bartenders to go after him and show him the front door, but the guy came back empty handed, so to speak, because there was no one back there. I really love that story. 🙂


Another friend of mine, while we were all in costume at Big Nose Kate’s one night, had her corset strings tugged on. Hard.


The ghosts mess with the waitresses, too – ponytails flip and ghostly pats on the bottom happen quite frequently while walking in the back hallway.


That’s only two buildings I’ve told you about. I didn’t even mention The Bird Cage Theater or that one gun & antique shop I like to visit or theTombstone Cemetery- the REAL resting place of deceased residents dating way back when (as opposed to Boothill.)


Just be sure to bring your camera, because the ghosts, energies and orbs aren’t too shy for stills.


I’d be glad to be hired on as yourTombstone consultant, and I’d only charge you for my flight, car rental and logging. Hey, what can I say? I’m outta work right now! 😉