Kar-crashians or the more common term, ‘train wreck’

If you know me, you already are aware that I don’t watch TV. I don’t watch or listen to ‘the news’ and I can’t stand sensationalistic journalism. That being said, I keep seeing things about this family whom I call the Kar-crashians.

I’m quite certain that 99% of my readers already know who these people are and just how they became a household name. I must confess: I can’t see why people keep talking about them. I have so much more interesting and important things to focus on: My family, my friends, my work… and then I see the meme that makes the rounds:


What about smart people – people who provide authentic entertainment because they are truly talented, sincere people, people who are humble and kind? Why can’t everyone promote individuals who are far more deserving than society’s train wrecks?

Do you know of someone whom you admire who deserves our attention? I can name a few from my list – who just happen to be superior entertainers AND model humans:

Harry Connick Jr.

Bette Midler

Mark Hamill

Scarlett Johansson

Sting (Although I don’t think he is running this himself)

Let us re-think and adjust our priorities in 2016 and uplift heroes instead of villains.

Blessings –