Film Review: Black Death


I have too many things to say about the film, ‘Black Death‘ and its actors to twitter just one sentence.


As I looked to polish my soon-to-be published c1500’s romance, ‘Joust of Hearts,’ I decided to see if I could ad another realistic dimension to the novel. So I turned to a few Medieval films for some inspiration. One of those films touched me on so many levels, I had to give it a full review. Had to. It wouldn’t leave me alone. 🙂


Although Sean Bean’s character, Ulric, is among the first to be billed, it’s not really his story. That being said, here’s a bit of a confession: When Sean Bean is in period costume with a deadly sword at his side and a horse between his powerful thighs, it’s nearly impossible to look at anything else in the frame. SeanBD3His Wikipedia page states: “Although he admits he can be a workaholic, in his spare time he relaxes with a book or listens to music, and is a talented pianist. He is also a keen gardener, and does both welding and sketching.” Oh, and he’s an Aries, which means we’d be good for a few months’ worth of dates, but that would be that. More’s the pity, he’s probably around the right age for me. 😉


Amongst the cast is an adorable actor whom I’ve never seen before (mostly because I don’t watch TV.) His name is Emun Elliot, born 28 November 1983. Even through the movie dirt and mop of a wig I thought he was cute.Sean-Emun_ElliottBD1 He blended well with the cast, and did a fine job riding along with Sean Bean. Oh, and in the behind-the-scenes, his Scottish accent nearly dropped me. 🙂


Another actor you see all the time but don’t hear many things about is Tim McInnerny, born 18 September, 1956. I love this guy. He just makes me smile. And no wonder. He first became known to me in the cast ofBlack Adder.’ This highly versatile actor has played Iago in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre production of ‘Othello.’ More of his fine work can be seen in ‘Casanova‘ (with Heath Ledger, one of my top ten period films) where Mr. McInnerny plays The Doge. My favorite line of his in that film is: “Excuse me. I say, at least someone’s made an effort. Now that is purple…It’s almost a Papal purple.” Cracks me up every time. I guess it’s the costume junkie in me. 😀


Meanwhile, back to ‘Black Death.’ The village, Ulric and his buddies are told (by the Church of Rome) to find, really tripped me out. The set is EXACTLY how I imagined Cardamon Long to be from my book, ‘Love Divine.’ Which ironically, is another tale where two faiths intersect. However, mine comes with a guaranteed HEA. 🙂


What does ‘Black Death’ have in store for you? Lots of deadness, sickness, sores and bloody body parts. (Limbs looked fantastic! Kudos to the SFX dept – not sure if it falls under props or makeup, so many there were. And the blood color was spot-on. It never looked phony.)


The score was PERFECT. Hardly noticeable, but organically added to the tension.


I only have one complaint: That damn, shaky camera thing. Can we please limit the UN-steady cam stuff to the deck of the Enterprise while being attacked and random fight scenes, please? It distracts from the film, other wise. I’m not the only one who thinks this, but I’m the only one who’ll say it out loud.


Can’t wait to see: Iron Man III, Thor II, Star Trek II, the rest of the Hobbit films, to name a few.

Let’s go to the movies!