Copywrite Laws – “Orphan Works Bill”

This came to my attention earlier this year, It has made the full circle back to me – must be really important and not a hoax to have lasted this long. If you are an artist in the U.S., please take a moment to email Congress. See below:

An author sent this through a group I’m a member of, and it’s very important to all authors, editors, publishers, and artists in general. If this law passes, it will effectively destroy the self copyright in the US and make it difficult to collect any damages should someone infringe on yours.

I don’t know who wrote this bill, but they should be slapped upside the head, and then have their possessions stolen. Should they take the robber to court, the robber should only have to prove that they weren’t aware the possessions belonged to the bill writer, and that the robber tried in a reasonable manner to find out who these possessions belonged to. (Yes, this bill is that bad.) If you read the bill, you’ll never want to see the word “reasonable” again.

You can read the bill here:
or about the bill here:

One opposition group, the Orphaned Works Opposition Headquarters —
has furnished some great information on this bill and how we can fight it. And fight it we must.

Please do your part. Write your senator/house representative and tell them you don’t want this bill to dictate whether you have a chance at making a living as a writer, a painter, an illustrator, a musician/composer, a photographer, or any other artistic endeavor or not. Do it now.

You are welcome to take this post and use it on your blog, in your emails, and any other venue to help fight this bill.

Thank you