Consider writing your own book ~

I remember when I exhausted my friend’s huge collection of historical romance novels. The only alternative I had (rather than go without reading) was to write one myself. I was told to write a novel that I, myself, would love to read.

So that’s what I did. By the time I had about 4 or 5 titles written – all the way to THE END – I decided to get serious about publishing my creations.

Rejections come with the territory. We all know that. But now thanks to the internet, you can pass your work by a professional to see if you have what it takes to dazzle readers, publishers or even agents.

Mystical Press Services is a brand new site where you can learn everything there is to know about getting that request from your dream publisher or agent, or polishing your current manuscript to prep it for self publishing. They have other services, too: Classes, blogs, cover artists . . . I’m not just tossing out a cliché when I say that they are a one-stop shop. They are in the business of “Helping authors achieve their dreams.”

So, even if you are only toying with a manuscript, take a peek at what they have to offer. Worst thing that can happen: Nothing. Best thing that can happen? You get to be a published author and all the monetary benefits that go with it.

Click on the banner below to check out all the goodies they offer.

All the best of luck to you!