Fooling around with eBooks

If you have never downloaded an eBook before, I want to teach you how – or at least, take you to a site where you can try it without risking multiple charges to your credit card due to re-dos.

My first experience downloading an eBook was a huge debacle. Thank heavens the woman in charge was nice enough to help me out. (Thank you Marci of Freya’s Bower!)  This happened before I had a Sony eReader, so I was downloading the book directly onto my computer. It asked me what format to choose. I was pretty much lost at that point. 🙂
I now know that you can choose HTML (which will place your ebook selection directly into your MSWord or what ever software you have) or you can choose PDF. PDF is ok, but if you are thinking of printing it out to read, some printers don’t read PDFs well, hence you won’t be able to print.


The other day I was looking up “Elinor Glyn (October 17, 1864 – September 23, 1943),” who, according to Wikipedia, “was a British novelist and scriptwriter who pioneered mass-market women’s erotic fiction.” (In the VERY early twentieth-century, people! Almost one hundred years ago!) “Though her writing would not be considered scandalous by modern standards.” (I loves me my Wicki!)

(Yes, I get distracted when I do research.)


Anyway, of course, I was intrigued. At the bottom of the Wicki page, I saw this link:
“Works by Elinor Glyn at Project Gutenberg.” So like a lemming, when I should have been doing my work, I followed the link and I found this:



Now, mind you, most of these books are classics, but Jane Austen is there, Edgar Allan Poe is there, and tons of others. Go to the left side and do a search or just browse through the author names.You can also donate to Project Gutenberg if you wish.

Fool around with it and let me know if you were able to do it. The site itself may be slow, but it’s well worth the wait. And once you’ve downloaded your first eBook, it won’t be so daunting the next time.

That’s my bloggage for this week.