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Valentine's Day books interactive: a postcard of a couple, c 1920s

The best advise for new authors of any genre is, “Write a book you would love to read.”

This is why I write sexy historical romance novels. I enjoy reading and writing juicy plots and sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. My stories will take you through the centuries of human history and intersect real historical characters, places and events with my fictional characters. 

Take a peek at my book pages where you can choose your favorite time periods:

A Touch of Destiny – 1880

Love Divine – 420 A.D.

Masterpiece – 1605

Oasis of Eden – 1923

Remember Me – 1889

The Art of Temptation – 1889

Sins of the Flesh – 1893

The Trouser Game – 1895

Unmasked – 1795

Whisked Away – 1892

Cat and Mouse – 1898

Joust of Hearts – 1501

Scarlet Letters – 1896


At the bottom of each link you will find the Genre (and sub-genres) of each novel in this shade.

By the way, all titles are available on Amazon.


Now just for fun, check out my future publications:

Speaking of fun, here is this: In order to enjoy deGrey’s books, one must have: A sense of humor, enjoy reading about heroines who defy convention (like Scarlet O’Hera & Lizzy Bennet), the ability to briefly access your brain’s suspension of disbelief, a comprehension level that is high enough to follow intricate plots and character arcs, and a deep love of romantic FICTION.

Have I challenged your intellect yet? 🙂 Are you ready for a fun and exciting journey into romantic historical fiction?

Let’s go!

Happy reading!



The marriage between heat level and plot: One soul does not equal another ~

There are some authors who are brilliant enough to be able to, no matter the length of the book, keep their heat levels all the same. Hot hot hot, contemp or historical or fantasy, they keep a loyal fan base because of their skills with a pen . . . or, keyboard. 🙂

Here is my dilemma: When I write (and I’m not pantsing) the characters come to me first, the plot usually arrives next, then the plot determines the heat level.

I love a good plot. If the heat level of a book I’m reading isn’t high, it better dang-well have an awesome plot! 😀

You will also find that I don’t just write a single sub-genre. I write absolute historical first and foremost, but where it goes from there is up for grabs by the Universe. Does it have a sci-fi twist? Supernatural? Foodie? Older heroine/younger hero? Erotic or hot and steamy? My stories are all over the place. The very first romance I ever wrote was a ‘sweet’ one (and incidentally, three books – yet unpublished – spun off that one.)

Remember Me (the re-release coming soon to Amazon) is an ensemble piece (lots of characters) with supernatural, paranormal and heavy romantic elements. It’s the HEA that brands it a romance novel. If you like ensembles like Harry Potter

and LOTR

 you will be able to get into Remember Me – Angels, demons and Vampires in Victorian England.

Now, Sins of the Flesh, a spin off of Remember Me, is a short, historical, totally naughty erotic romance with supernatural elements, with only a handful of characters.

And still, The Art of Temptation, a full-length novel, also related to Remember Me, (which should be out on Amazon by the end of the year) is a straight super-sexy historical romance – also, not so large an ensemble cast.

Two things my books have in common: Historical and great plots.

Happy Reading, all!



What is cross-genre experimental? (Newly Relocated Post)

Cross-genre experimental can mean several things to different people,
but in relation to what I write allow me to breakdown what it means to me.
My stories begin with Romance. However, in order to satisfy my imagination,
I have to write historical. After that, anything goes. This is where, some
of the time, cross-genre experimental comes in.

Mostly, I write straight historicals; fictional characters in a different time period
than the one in which we dwell. From there, it could go paranormal, mythological,
erotic romance, fantasy. . . It all depends upon the story.

The voice is the same, but my stories are separated by different sub-genres. For instance, you won’t find the spiritual/supernatural
qualities of “Remember Me” in any of my other stories. Please see “What’s in the Can” for a brief blurb from my other completed works.
Erotic romance vs. regular romance


Erotic Romance
: The quantity of love scenes is abundant. The quality is very detailed, down to the last shiver, if you will.
Regular Romance: May be a lower quantity of love scenes and the
quality is not as visual.
There has been some debate on the fact that recently, the love scenes in romance are getting hotter, much like the quality of love scenes in an erotic romance. And in some cases, yes, they are. My straight historical love scenes tend to lean toward the
hot, steamy quality you will find in erotic romance, just not as frequent.
That’s the experimental part.


25 Blogs in 25 days…the TORTURED tour!”



August 22, 2009

Day eighteen of the blog tour


TORTURED, erotic medieval, Harlequin Spice, Aug.’09-Amanda McIntyre

See the book trailer at:



In a time of chaos, darkness, and violence, it is better to live only in the moment, lest your memories eat you alive. 

A young woman blessed with “sight seeks vengeance against a tyrannical lord responsible for her mother’s murder.  Forced to become an executioner’s apprentice, she encounters a Roman prisoner who offers her a way to escape her prison and find a future.  Torn between desire, duty, and the chance for revenge, her choice to live or die leaves her TORTURED.  (Available now, Harlequin Spice, Aug. ’09)

I want to thank my friend Genella for having me here today at her lovely internet abode!  It’s always kind of fun to poke around and see what’s going on!  If you haven’t read about all of Genella’s exciting news yet, be sure to check out her various books above and see what’s happening!  Congrats my friend, you are on a roll!


Well, here I am already the 18th day into my blog and it’s been a lot of fun!  I’ve shared some of my “summer vacation” memories and had some fantastic discussions with folks along the way.  I kind of feel like I’m doing an Internet documentary, of sorts!  I think of how long it used to take to get a communication to another soul—lets see;


*776 BC, they used the first homing pigeons to send messages about the winners of the Olympics

*200BC first humans used as foot messengers/horseback

*100 BC the first bound books were made

*1450 newspapers show up in Europe

1835 Samuel Morse invents the Morse code

1861 the US begins the pony express for mail

1914 the first cross continental phone call was made (can you bring home some bread?)

1949 Network television begins

1966 Xerox invents the first telecopier

1976 Apple invents the first home computer (it would be 20 years later before this house had one!)

1994 The us govt. release control of internet, giving us “WWW” effectively creating the ability to have communication at lightspeed


*more stats found at


It doesn’t seem all that long ago, does it?  And who knows where technology will be twenty years from now!


And where is all this leading, you might ask?  Well, given that my heroine lived in an age traditionally known as the “dark ages,” she had to rely pretty much on what was in front of her at the time.  I have to wonder what it might have been like had she had an ITOUCH or a Blackberry?  I suspect that she and Dryston would not have had near the adventure they did!  Perhaps they wouldn’t have met except on Match dot com?  It is food for thought and a hilarious medieval comedy to be sure to think about though!  So I would like to pose the question to each of you…if you could live without (permanently) one electronic or technological device in your home or car—what would it be?


Oh, the answers I can only imagine are rolling around in heads, right now!;)  Leave your comments here for a chance to win a copy of TORTURED!


Next blog stop: McIntyre’s House of Muse!  Yep! I’m tossing some shrimp on the barby, turning on my little Chinese lanterns on the deck roof and getting out the patio chimney for s’amores later on! Come on by, we’re going to get a sneak peek at another NEVER BEFORE PUBLICIZED excerpt of TORTURED, a brief story featuring Thomas Rodin, never before published until now, some more Gods of Football pics and a few fun giveaways through the weekend! Including a few copies of Diary of Cozette, one of Tortured, and who knows what other mischief I can get into!


May the wind be at your back~



The best boss ever –

Assignments from bosses are usually . . . well, let’s be honest – not so fun.
This past Monday, a potential boss (OK, an editor, but still in the category of boss) instructed me to read a few historical erotic romances.

I read:
In the Dark, by Brynn Paulin

Georgie and the Dragon, by Cindy Spencer Pape

Mist and Stone, by Bronwyn Green

All stories are from the anthology “Brits in Time.”

To date, it was the best assignment I’ve ever gotten from a boss.

Good news coming soon – I can feel it on the wind.
Hugs –