Looking for free downloads of Genella deGrey Books?

You can’t hide, we know you’re out there, and we know when you search for our books for free.

But I’ll make you a deal.

Subscribe to this blog (see over on the right hand side, the newsletter button & subscribe fields?) and I’ll let you know when I do a freebie weekend. I have control over some of my books, and do free promos about twice a year.

You can also keep an eye out for when I have contests or when I give away a book to a random commenter on a guest  blog.

I am honored that you want to read my books, and I’m thrilled beyond words when I get an email or a message on my Genella deGrey Books page on FB that you love my stories.

But play fair. I have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and so do so many of my author friends.

Keep us in business ~ Happy reading to all!

PS – Here is this article as well: http://bit.ly/WSuwv1