A Date with an Author ~ Sage Marlowe

Tonight, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce Sage Marlow, author of contemporary gay erotic fiction.

SM: Hi Genella, thank you so much for dating me *grins* It’s a pleasure to be here and chat with you. Big thanks to everyone who’s dropping in—hey, are you gate crashing our date??? No worries, we love guests. The more, the merrier, right?

GdG: Giggles* Now, I always like to ask for a picture, Sage…. Taps foot on floor*

SM: I’m pretty camera-shy, but I do have a pretty, rainbow-coloured logo :)

 sage-marlowe-Logo&website-small font-rainbow on black

GdG: You big tease! Don’t make me come over there – Oh, wait, I AM going to visit you one of these days, and there will be no hiding, then! LOL – All right, enough flirting (for now. . .) How’s the weather where you live at the moment?

SM: In short, it’s f-f-f-f-freezing here. I live in Germany, and we’ve just had ten days of temperatures below 0 degrees centigrade. Fortunately it’s been crispy cold with a beautiful clear blue sky and the most beautiful sunrises behind our house, as you can see in the pic.


GdG: How beautiful! I can’t even imagine what 0 degrees feels like… What is your favorite piece of winter/seasonal clothing? Where did you get it?

SM: My favourite piece of almost all-season clothing is my trusty outdoor jacket. It might not be a beauty or fashionable, but it keeps me warm (enough), and the pockets are huge, so I can stuff anything from keys to tissues to children’s toys in them.

My favourite jacket

GdG: Looks toasty! I’ll bet Miss M is thrilled when you hand her one of her toys from seemingly out of no where! Magical Papa! :) OK, now Pet Pix!

SM: These are my much beloved fur babies, Mrs Cat (the tortoiseshell one), who, despite being around 15 years of age, is excellent at hunting mice and is known in our part of the village for walking me and Miss M to the bus stop in summer.

Mrs Cat

Mr Cat, the white Persian, is actually a living, breathing sofa cushion. And he’s a diva.

 Mr Cat

GdG: Cute little fluffies!! So how do you get into the writing zone if you happen to be unmotivated that day?

SM: I’m not usually unmotivated, but sometimes my head is just not in the writing zone because I have too much other stuff going on. If I can’t get into a story at all, I’ll just put on one of the many other hats I wear and get back to writing the next day.

GdG: Good plan. What is your preferred media when writing? (Pen & paper, audio notes, laptop, cocktail napkin?)

SM: My laptop or my iPhone.

GdG: What is the weirdest thing upon which you’ve written an idea? (hand, a mirror with lipstick)

SM: None, actually. As my iPhone is virtually an extension of me by now, all my ideas go in there.

GdG: Likewise, my iPhone’s notes are jammed with ideas and… shopping lists… LOL. Do you have a favorite work space?

SM: Um, yes. My bed. I’m also finally going to have a spare attic room converted into the home office I’ve wanted for years, but at the time I’m writing this, that room has nothing in it but bare walls, cobwebs and very cold air.

GdG: Your bed, huh? Hmmmmm, interesting…It appears that you’ve ruffled my curiosity 😉 Tell us about a time when you weren’t writing and a fantastic idea hit you like a truck

SM: This just happened a few weeks ago, when the SO and I were having lunch with his mother. An idea hit me mid-conversation, so of course I zoned out, took my phone out and wrote it down. Yeah, that resulted in frowns all around me, but really, they should be used to it by now.

GdG: LOL, right? Anyone who is close to a writer should know that when the mysterious muse hits, all bets are off. 😛 😉 Kindly provide how you came up with your latest WIP.

SM: My latest WIP is the next book in the Sub-Series. It’s a follow-up on Chester and Sheridan’s story, which began in Roses & Thorns. I came up with the idea when I realised that these two men’s story just wasn’t over yet, and some of the things that were hinted at in Roses makes it fit in well with the Sub-books.

I don’t have a blurb yet, so here’s the first paragraph: 

Roses & Kinks

Copyright Sage Marlowe, 2016

     Sheridan pulled off his gloves on the way to the sink and dumped them in the bin he passed. He turned on the hot water, poured a liberal amount of soap onto his right palm and started scrubbing his hands, as usual taking extra care to clean under his nails, even though there shouldn’t be anything yucky there, couldn’t, really, because of the gloves. He sighed. It’s not rational. It wasn’t rational. It was the soul-deep need to wash away the traces of a workday spent digging through deceased people’s intestines and sometimes, worse. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment while he rinsed his hands once more, then he opened them again, blinking as the neon light promptly made them tear up. He grabbed a handful of paper towels and tossed them in the bin, after the gloves.

GdG: Ooooh, how intriguing! Please tell us about  your latest work that is available now?

SM: My latest release is Sub-Dominant, Book 4 in the Sub-Series. This link takes you to your local Amazon-site: http://viewbook.at/sub-dominant

subdominant - 300x450

GdG: Do you have any plans to attend book conferences in 2016? If so, please tell us which ones

SM: I’d love to attend some of the conferences, but for a number of reasons I’m not a big fan of travelling these days. I might make it to EuroPride Con in Berlin, but nothing’s been decided yet.

GdG: Where is the best place for people to follow you where you consistently post? Twitter, FB, etc.?

SM: Facebook! That is, if you want to meet the more personal me. I use Twitter to keep my followers updated on my books, like new releases and sales, but Facebook is definitely my go to place to post personal stuff.

GdG: Cool! Please provide your official website or blog

SM: My website is www.sage-marlowe.com. I try to keep it up-to-date, so visitors can find all the important info on my books there. My blog can be found at www.sage-marlowe.blogspot.com It was recently re-named Flavours of Sage and is mostly dedicated to hosting fellow authors and their new releases, so it’s always worth a visit if you want to discover new books

GdG: Any final words of wisdom or well wishes for the New Year you’d like to share?

SM: Live, love and laugh. Seriously, life is short. Enjoy it and make the most of it.

Thanks again for the interview, Genella, it’s been lovely. And thank you for being here with us, dear visitors!

~Sage xxx

GdG: Thank you Sage! I’ll be seeing you…. ;D