A Date with an Author ~ Dee J. Adams

Readers, you are in for a treat!

Allow me to present your date for tonight, Dee J. Adams! With 9 books under her belt and more on the way, Dee J. is an incredibly prolific writer who pens kick-ass heroines and big stories.


GdG: Hi Dee J.! How’s the weather where you live right now?

DJA: Right now the weather is cold, brisk and clear. It’s the prettiest Southern California has looked in a long time. All that much needed rain cleared out the air.

GdG: Seriously! I love it when it’s chilly! What is your favorite piece of winter/seasonal clothing?

DJA: I’ve been wearing this hat and scarf all winter.


My daughter made them for me and they are so soft and so cozy!!

GdG: OK, now *that* is talent! I’m positive I wouldn’t have the patience for knitting! Now for your pet Pix!

DJA: Zachary and Elizabeth. (No, I didn’t name them. They were rescues that my family adopted when they were 7. Honestly the names fit to tee. Especially Liz since she’s a real Queen.)


Zach is a pit bull mix and Liz is a lab, border collie mix. She makes the rules and he follows them.

GdG: Alfa girl ~ Nice! 😀 How do you get into the writing zone if you happen to be unmotivated that day?

DJA: Honestly, sometimes I don’t get into the zone. But I try to make up for it another day.

GdG: What is your preferred media when writing? (Pen & paper, audio notes, laptop, cocktail napkin?)

DJA: Laptop. (Although a cocktail napkin has been used for notes if I’ve been out and nothing else is handy.)

GdG: What is the weirdest thing upon which you’ve written an idea? (hand, a mirror with lipstick)

DJA: That cocktail napkin from above. <G>

GdG: Do you have a favorite work space?

DJA: I tend to write on my living room sofa. Sometimes, I’ll write in bed in the morning before I get up. The best part about the sofa is sharing the space with Zach.


He loves me. Of course the feeling is mutual. Although he sheds so terribly that I have to protect the sofa, but the ugly is worth having him next to me. (I take it off when company comes over. Haha.)

GdG: Tell us about a time when you weren’t writing and a fantastic idea hit you like a truck

DJA: I was on vacation with my husband and daughter and we went to the Indianapolis 500 in 2001. I had no intention of working, but after seeing the race, I had an idea that became Dangerous Race. (The first book in my Adrenaline Highs series.) I ended up working the rest of the vacation getting my idea down on paper and interviewing anyone in charge at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

GdG: Cool! Any research I can do other than sitting at my computer always yields such wonderfully tangible info. 🙂 Kindly provide how you came up with your latest WIP and perhaps give us a peek into the story.

DJA: My current work in progress, Out of the Blue, is a direct sequel to Against the Wall (High Stakes #1). It’s the continuing saga of the St. John family after their traumatic kidnapping in the first book. Although one of the twins got his story in Imminent Danger (Adrenaline Highs #5), Out of the Blue tells Brendan’s story. He was the most affected during the kidnapping.

Here’s a little excerpt!

“Thank you,” she said. She cleared her rough throat and pushed wet hair off her face. “Seriously. I have no idea how that happened, but thank you. You saved me.”

Now that she had the towel in her lap and hair pushed back, he saw the crazy blue-green of her eyes. His pulse skipped then steadied, then skipped again when she smiled at him. Brilliant white teeth. Plush lips. Full and inviting and very kissable if he let himself think about it, which he couldn’t since he’d just met her and didn’t even have a name. That problem he could remedy.

“I’m Brendan. And you’re welcome. Glad I was here to do the saving.” And wasn’t that an understatement? He took a quick glance at the rest of her, noticing the flat stomach and enough cleavage to keep a man interested.

She stuck out her hand. “Casey. And I’m glad too.” Her palm was cool and Brendan thought of the ways he could heat it up. Heat her up. “Any chance I could say thank you with breakfast. On me. All you can eat.” She blinked. Salt crystals lodged in her long dark lashes and sparkled in the sun.

All you can eat. On me. His mind went to a very dirty place and he smiled at her offer. His mini vacation had been a complete surprise and he’d been more lonely than anything, so her invitation sounded perfect.

“I guess it’s a good thing I like breakfast,” he said. He wasn’t picky either. He’d eat any meal. On her. He huffed out a breath and tried to clear his filthy mind. He blamed his older brothers, mostly Danny since his revolving door of women seemed never-ending.

“Something funny?” she asked.

“Nah.” He drew a line in the sand with his index finger. “Just thinking how my day suddenly got better.” No lie there.


GdG: Fantastic! Brendan sounds hunky! 🙂 Can you please share with us your latest work that is available now?

DJA: Always Dangerous was my last release in October of 2015. It’s the final book in my Adrenaline Highs series.

AlwaysDangerous_300Always Dangerous: iTunes

Always Dangerous: Amazon       Always Dangerous: Barnes & Noble

GdG: Do you have any plans to attend book conferences in 2016? If so, please tell us which ones

DJA: I will probably be at the RWA National Conference in San Diego.

GdG: Sweet! Where is the best place for people to follow you where you consistently post? Twitter, FB, etc.?

DJA: I’m usually on FB and Twitter. You can find me here:


https://twitter.com/DeeJAdams (Twitter handle is @DeeJAdams)

Official website: http://deejadams.com/

GdG: Great! Any final words of wisdom or well wishes for the New Year you’d like to share?

DJA: Words of wisdom…? Be kind to others because you just never know what they might be going through. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before passing judgment. Make the most of this life. It’s the only one you get. Love beats fear and hate any day of the week.

GdG: Thanks so much, Dee J., for taking the time to come out for a ‘Date!’ 🙂