What is cross-genre experimental? (Newly Relocated Post)

Cross-genre experimental can mean several things to different people,
but in relation to what I write allow me to breakdown what it means to me.
My stories begin with Romance. However, in order to satisfy my imagination,
I have to write historical. After that, anything goes. This is where, some
of the time, cross-genre experimental comes in.

Mostly, I write straight historicals; fictional characters in a different time period
than the one in which we dwell. From there, it could go paranormal, mythological,
erotic romance, fantasy. . . It all depends upon the story.

The voice is the same, but my stories are separated by different sub-genres. For instance, you won’t find the spiritual/supernatural
qualities of “Remember Me” in any of my other stories. Please see “What’s in the Can” for a brief blurb from my other completed works.
Erotic romance vs. regular romance


Erotic Romance
: The quantity of love scenes is abundant. The quality is very detailed, down to the last shiver, if you will.
Regular Romance: May be a lower quantity of love scenes and the
quality is not as visual.
There has been some debate on the fact that recently, the love scenes in romance are getting hotter, much like the quality of love scenes in an erotic romance. And in some cases, yes, they are. My straight historical love scenes tend to lean toward the
hot, steamy quality you will find in erotic romance, just not as frequent.
That’s the experimental part.