A Date with an Author ~ Faith Gibson

GdG: Readers, it is my honor to welcome this week’s Date, Faith Gibson!


Faith is a multi-genre romance author. You must check out her website where you will find smokin’-hot paranormal and contemporary mm romance!

Hi Faith & welcome!! How’s the weather where you live right now?

FG: Middle Tennessee is crazy right now.  We go from snow to 72 degrees back to snow again. Today it’s going to be in the 30’s.

GdG: Shivers* the 30’s!! Gads! What is your favorite piece of winter/seasonal clothing?

FG: I can’t say I have just one because I live in hoodies in the winter… The one I’m wearing now is one of my faves and I got it off the internet… Saw the ad on Facebook and clicked


GdG: Oooo, LOVE* Cute clothes from Facebook adds…. The downfall of my bank account. LOL OK, now for some Pet Pix! Do show us your furry companions!

FG: I am combining my favorite place to write with my pet pics… BeBe and Charlie are the 4-legged loves of my life. They’ve been with me for a long time (11 and 10 years).


BeBe came from the pound, and I got Charlie out of a buggy at the Walmart (yes, I said buggy)

GdG: I’m assuming it was an abandoned buggy… LOL 😉 So tell us how do you get into the writing zone if you happen to be unmotivated?

FG: I have several stories going at one time, so it’s rare that nobody is talking to me. If it happens, I step away from the story and go take a shower or wash dishes. Water is my conduit for some reason.

GdG: Water IS the universal conduit! I learned that from Keanu Reeves in Constantine (one of my all-time fave angel/demon films!) 😀 What is your preferred media when writing? (Pen & paper, audio notes, laptop, cocktail napkin?)

FG: If I’m sitting down to write for the day, I use my laptop, but if an idea hits me when I’m not at my computer, I have an app on my phone I talk into so I don’t lose the idea.

GdG: Cool – Oh, if our phones could talk! LOL I’m so glad they can’t. 🙂 😛 What is the weirdest thing upon which you’ve written an idea? (hand, a mirror with lipstick)

FG: Not that it’s weird, but probably a receipt of sorts

GdG: You’re right, not weird, but certainly different! 🙂 Do you have a favorite work space?

FG: Yes, my living room is where I write most of the time. When the weather is nice, I sit outside on the patio.

GdG: Tell us about a time when you weren’t writing and a fantastic idea hit you like a truck.

FG: It has happened more than once, but when the man (what I call my husband) and I were walking the dogs, I had an epiphany and I told it to him to make sure neither one of us forgot it by the time we got home. Usually, though, I have most of my epiphanies in the shower.

GdG: Me too! The shower and driving! UGH! LOL

Kindly provide how you came up with your latest WIP + a blurb or a few sentences from it.

FG: Which one? lol. I have 3 stories started, but I’ll mention Release Me. (that may or may not be the title) It is the follow up to Deliver Me, my MM rock n roll tale. I wasn’t going to do a follow up, but the readers were kindly asking (really, demanding) Cade’s story, so I asked him if he wanted one, and he said F*ck yeah. I was sitting at my local drinking establishment having a beer when Cade whispered in my ear. He, too, was sitting at a bar, and his story began…

“Last call, bud,” the bartender said, clearing the glasses and wiping the now empty space beside Cade. Glancing around, he noticed he was the only patron left in the hole-in-the-wall redneck joint. He shouldn’t have worried about a disguise. Nobody recognized the man sitting alone at the bar with his long blond hair tucked under a cowboy hat. He looked like every other Joe who’d come in that night. Everyone except the bartender. The man serving alcohol wasn’t dressed like a wannabe rodeo star. He wore faded blue jeans topped by an equally faded Metallica t-shirt that stretched nicely across his firm chest. The muscles in his arms bunched and corded as he moved around the bar, pouring drinks and wiping up after people. Cade would bet his last twenty the guy had on shitkickers instead of cowboy boots.

If someone asked, he could give a detailed description of the man who’d served him drinks for the last few hours, but he’d be hard pressed to tell what any of the countless women looked like who tried, and failed, to get his attention.

Cade was somewhere in Tennessee, close to Nashville. He was in town to audition with a band that needed a drummer. More like he was auditioning them. After being in 7’s Mistress, one of the world’s most famous rock bands for the last fifteen years, those in the music world knew what Cade was capable of. Now that his band was no longer together, he was itching to get back on the road. He downed his whiskey and threw enough cash on top of the receipt to cover the tab plus probably five more. When he bobbled getting to his feet, the bartender asked, “You need a ride?”

“I need a blowjob. Got one of those on speed dial?” he replied sarcastically.  

© Faith Gibson 2016

GdG: Awesome, Faith! And BTW, that’s exactly how my muse works: My hero whispers in my ear. Sigh*

So what’s your latest work that is available right now?

jas for amazon

FG: Jasper, Book 6 in The Stone Society series hits the e-book world February 10th (which just happens to be my birthday.  I like giving myself presents like that) 

Amazon US



Amazon UK



Amazon AU



Amazon CA


GdG: HAPPY (albeit belated) BIRTHDAY!! Confetti toss* 😀

Do you have any plans to attend book conferences in 2016? If so, please tell us which ones.

FG: So far I am signed up for A Weekend with the Authors in Nashville May 13 – 15, as well as Rebels and Readers in West Virginia November 5 – 6

GdG: Right on – So, on the www, where is the best place for people to follow you where you consistently post?

FG: Definitely facebook https://www.facebook.com/authorfgibson   I am on there daily. 

GdG: Please provide your official website or blog

FG: My website is www.faithgibsonauthor.com   You can access my blog from the website as well as sign up for my newsletter.

GdG: Any final words of wisdom or well wishes for the New Year you’d like to share?

FG: Be yourself and be happy with yourself. If you aren’t happy, only you can do something about it.

GdG: Well, Faith, it’s been a blast chatting with you! Thank you so very much for the ‘Date!’ 🙂