RT 2010 ~

If you know me, you know that I look forward to RT all year long. This year was no exception.

Upon my arrival at my room, I threw open the curtains and this is what I found:

To which I grined and mumbled, “Cool.”

Our first event was the Midnight Mad Hatter’s Historical Tea Party. I confess, I got more than a little crazy for this event.

I was awarded the privilage of decorating the focal point of the room:

This was my signing table:

And the madness continued as my friend Courtney and I reveled into the wee hours at the bar:

At Club RT, I raffled off a basket (OK, BOX) of a few of my favorite things:

and got to meet my UK Publisher from Total e-Bound, Claire (and found out later we share a birthday on April 30th):

The Fairy Ball came next:

Then came the Vampire Ball:

Saturday night was the Total e-bound dinner. So many amazing writers in one room, I could barely contain my inner fan-girl!:

Here are a few random snaps of peeps enjoying RT:

Thanks for stopping in – I can’t wait until next year in Los Angeles!!



The best boss ever –

Assignments from bosses are usually . . . well, let’s be honest – not so fun.
This past Monday, a potential boss (OK, an editor, but still in the category of boss) instructed me to read a few historical erotic romances.

I read:
In the Dark, by Brynn Paulin

Georgie and the Dragon, by Cindy Spencer Pape

Mist and Stone, by Bronwyn Green

All stories are from the anthology “Brits in Time.”

To date, it was the best assignment I’ve ever gotten from a boss.

Good news coming soon – I can feel it on the wind.
Hugs –