Rory and Virginia’s conversation (cont’d)


Rory chuckled. “I vow they will eat whatever you put in front of them.”

Amusement bubbled up inside her at his terribly uninformed statement. “Serving them ‘whatever’ is not my goal.” Without doubt, the last time they found themselves in a carriage alone, the situation had been altogether different. Virginia refused to think of that now. Her feelings were sure to show on her face. She recited the table of liquid measurements to herself to divert her thoughts.

He folded his arms over his chest. “I’ve made an observation.”

Congratulations. As her thought remained unspoken, he must have assumed she wanted to hear more.

“Out of everyone who participated in your graduating class, you won. And do you know why?”

“Yes. Because I’m good at what I do.”

“No. Because like most of the male population, this benefactor finds you attractive.”

“Impossible. What an exaggeratory statement.”

“Indeed? Why?”

“Because for your information, Monsieur Leroux and I didn’t meet until after I’d won the contest!”

She watched Rory’s mouth open, expecting some foolish retort. But he didn’t utter a word. She had him this time. Thoroughly satisfied with her statement and its effect upon her superfluous chaperone, she turned towards the lowered window and closed her eyes against the warm breeze. In order to enter the contest it had been required that all contestants submit a photograph of themselves. However, the statement that she and Monsieur Leroux had not met prior to the announcement of the winner had been quite true.

Honestly. It didn’t matter who saddled the horse, there was a journey to be taken, and she was bloody well going to take it. And she’d be double-baked if she’d let Rory Hughson stand in her way.


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