Melisande Meets Corin ~ Joust of Hearts


Perhaps someday she would learn to mask her thoughts so as to not be so transparent.

* *After that, Melisande performs for the court, then is complemented by the king himself* *

Henry motioned for his musicians to begin playing again, and Corin positioned himself between the king and his cousin, Queen Elizabeth.

“I am of the thought that Lady Dupree is most talented,” Corin commented so that only Henry and Elizabeth could hear.

“Quite,” Elizabeth agreed.

“Aye,” Henry replied. “We would be indeed fortunate to have a lovely and skilled musician such as Lady Dupree in our midst.”

“Lady Dupree is a widow, is that not correct?” Corin asked, already knowing the answer from his conversation with Lady Bergavny. But in order to get the court to make decisions for his benefit, he knew it would have to look like the king’s idea.

Elizabeth leaned forward to look beyond Corin to her husband, cocking an eyebrow at the king.

Corin observed that, in return, Henry raised both his brows in silent communication to his wife, then spoke. “When we granted Castle Dupree to Sir Liam, we were well aware that it was well-positioned and possessed fertile fields.”

Elizabeth addressed Corin. “What is it you are hinting at, my dear cousin?”

Corin merely smiled. What a boon to have the lady of Castle Dupree right here in his midst. Almost effortlessly, his plans were moving forward.


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