Jaden encounters the Omari for the first time


     In slow motion, he parted the most amazing set of full lips she’d ever beheld, and with patience that rivaled the Sphinx, she waited for him to speak. He stood without uttering a word, like some dark, Grecian statue in all its glory. If he hadn’t been breathing, she’d have thought him a lifelike replica.

      Jaden was unable to tell what color his eyes were, as they were focused on her chest.  Hopefully, he wasn’t double-sighted like his comrade. She folded her arms. “Up here,” she murmured hoping he’d take the hint.

     His line of sight snapped back to hers and she drew in a steadying breath to speak when the gorgeous man before her tossed over his shoulder, “Havliah. Out.”

     “What?” the woman shrieked and pushed her way past Elydian. She sneered at Lothar-Canute then frowned down her nose at Jaden. “Is this why you are dismissing me? So you can entertain this short, plump little nothing?”

     Covering her shocked start, Jaden lifted her chin two notches—the woman was as tall as Lothar-Canute. Similarly dressed as Jaden, the fabric of Havliah’s outfit appeared thicker, more home-spun. Her platinum hair, shorn much shorter than a fashionable bob, desperately needed a conditioning treatment. Before she tore her gaze from Havliah’s burning assessment, she noticed that the woman had no curves whatsoever. Flat chested, her waist fell to branch out into long, gangly legs which poked through the high slits of her dress.  Her height was something to envy, but Jaden would never trade her woman’s figure for that of a very tall seventeen year-old boy’s skin and bones.

      Jaden turned to look directly into the eyes of Elydian and when she spoke, his smoldering gaze met hers. His eyes were stunning—light brown with golden flecks around heavy, focused pupils, all surrounded by a thin black ring. What peepers! Had she the choice, she’d rather be lost in his eyes than in this camp of crazies. “There is no need to dismiss anyone. I have merely lost my way and this man,” she indicated to Lothar-Canute, “said you could help me.”

     “There. You see?” Havliah said in triumph. “There is no need for me to—”

     “Havliah, out,” he repeated a bit more briskly than before and took her by the elbow, showing her the way.

      Havliah jerked out of Elydian’s grip and stumbled a few steps forward. Her eyes narrowed at Jaden as she passed.

     Lothar-Canute chuckled.

     “Ass,” Havliah murmured.

     “Whore,” he shot back.

     “Enough.” Elydian growled at them then turned back to Jaden.

     Without a word he parted the curtain in a blatant invitation for her to enter.


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