Jaden and Eli inside the Oasis


     “This is the biggest apricot I’ve ever seen,” she said just before she bit into it. Sweet juices ran down either side of her mouth and she swiped at them with the back of her hand. She groaned aloud and devoured the entire thing—elated, satisfied noises emanating from her the entire time. But she wasn’t embarrassed. In fact, she’d glanced up at him a time or two and his gaze seemed fixed upon her as she ate.

     Any woman would melt under the scrutiny of those eyes. How lucky that the woman is me. . . For now.

     He continued bringing her what felt like offerings to a goddess—which was exactly what she felt like when she was with him. Each moment in his company was making it harder and harder to want to go back.

     “This is Heaven, Eli,” Jaden called to him as she rolled a stripped fruit pit between her palms. He stood on his toes, and plucked a grapefruit from the highest bows of a nearby tree. Good thing he’s so tall. She grinned and admired his long legs—the flexing muscles made her tummy flip over.

     “I’m glad you approve. Try this one,” he said and tossed her the fruit.

     Jaden dropped the pit into her lap and grabbed the new morsel out of the air with both hands. She dug into it with her thumbnail. “Why does this grapefruit smell like an orange?” She brought it closer to her nose and inhaled, then broke into it, peeling away a wedge.

     He sat down next to her. “May I?” He indicated to the peeled piece in her hand.

     She held it out for him to take, but instead he caught her hand between his. Eli bit into the grapefruit, its juices gushed down their hands. He lapped at the juice on her fingers, palm and trailed his tongue down her arm, chasing the escaped liquid.

     Shimmering sensation climbed from her fingers and up her arm at the prompting of his lips and tongue. Jaden’s eyes rolled to a close and she groaned aloud. If I could just bottle this feeling

     “More,” he growled.

     Well if he’s gonna’ be like that, I’ll shower in the stuff. She shivered at the picture the naughty thought painted in her mind.

     With shaking hands she peeled another few pieces, but they stuck together in a thick clump. Eli, apparently, didn’t care. He bit into them, barely avoiding her fingers. Ripe, sweet-smelling juices drenched their clasped hands once again.

     She fumbled for another piece and popped it into her mouth before he could get to it. “Mmmmm…” Extraordinary. An orange the size of a grapefruit! So sweet—not even the rind is bitter. She grabbed another bite while she could.

     “Ah. I see your game.” Digging into the other half which rested in her lap, he then brought another piece to his lips. “Share with me.” He placed the wedge between his lips and offered it to her.

     Jaden opened her mouth and their lips met, wrapped around the fruit. He bit down and she squealed. The nectar squirted from between them and trickled down her neck. Giggling she reclined onto the grass. Eli followed her down and plundered her lips with his own.

     Hot socks, the man can kiss! His perfect mouth made a mockery of every other kiss she’d ever experienced. He took little nibbles of her upper lip, her lower lip, the corners of her mouth—and when he slid his tongue between her parted lips and swept lazily across the top of hers, she could have swooned. His tongue tasted sweet and the velvety smooth warmth sent tingles all the way down to her kitty.

     As the liquid from the fruit coagulated, their skin stuck together in places. He licked at her where the juice had dribbled down her face but was unsuccessful at washing away the glueyness.

     Jaden began to giggle. “That tickles, Eli.”

     “Mmm, no it doesn’t,” he said and sucked on her lower lip. “I’m only kissing you.”

     “Yes, but it tickles.” She tried to pull away but his mouth came down on her throat.

     “I don’t feel it,” he said as his lips made a smacking sound when he sucked at her skin.

     “Aaaaah! Eli!” she protested still laughing. “I’m a sticky mess!”

     “But you taste so delicious. Come my Zsa-ninah, let me have my fun.”

     She squeezed her eyes shut, threw her arms wide and allowed him access to her soaked skin. She lay there in the grass unmoving when his attentions came to a halt.

     Jaden peered at him with one eye. “What’s wrong?”

     “Nothing. It’s just no fun if you don’t play with me.”

     “Awww. Is the big scary fella pouting?”

     Eli chuckled. “You and your strange words, Zsa-ninah.” He shook his head at her and trailed a finger down her cheek.

     She smiled, trying to determine which word he thought strange.

     “Come. Let me take you to a place where you can refresh yourself.”

     The atmosphere around them heated by means of the mid-morning sun and beads of sweat formed on Jaden’s skin. The air which surrounded them was astonishingly humid as opposed to the life-sucking dryness outside the oasis.

     It wasn’t long until he led her into a copse of ancient trees and down a wooded hillside. In the center stood the most amazing waterfall she’d ever clapped eyes on. A healthy amount of water gurgled from the top of the black rock formation and cascaded down an archway to the deep-looking pool ten feet below, which overflowed into yet another pool that bubbled like champagne. Colorful tropical flowers framed the scene and the call of wild birds could be heard above the rushing water. Jaden couldn’t wait to go exploring.

     “Eli,” Jaden breathed. “What a wondrous place!”

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