Erzebet (cont’d)


“My prince, I am honored,” she said, still not quite sure of what he was speaking. Her eyes went wide when his hands lifted her skirts.

His hands slid to the juncture of her thighs, and her heart began to pound as his filthy fingers probed at her flesh.

“There will be a price.”

“Anything, my prince,” she murmured, her breath coming in short gasps. He coaxed her closer to achieving a climax, the end to which she had been searching for and craving all evening. Her eyes closed, and her head fell back against his bony shoulder.

“I understand you desire Dacious, and I’m willing to give him to you.”

Erzebet’s eyes flew open. “Dacious,” she groaned. “Yes.”

Lucifer stilled his hand before she could finish. “You will have one chance to get him into your bed before you release him to me. That is the price of which I spoke.”

Erzebet ached with want of relief. Her limbs shook with the tension of unfulfillment.

She pressed herself against his hand, straining for what her body needed so badly. “Very well,” she panted, “one chance. Please, my prince, bring me to completion.”


“I think not,” he smirked behind her head.

“But, did you not say that I have been most faithful and that I have always pleased you?” she begged. “Am I not your favorite?”

The word ‘favorite’ rang in Lucifer’s ears. Had he not tried to glean more from God with that very word? He released her and tossed her skirts back over her feet. He cupped her chin with a fetid hand and turned her to face him. “Of course you are, my dear, but if the information got out that I go around granting wishes, where would I be then?” Disgusted, he shoved her from his lap and stood.

She swung around and faced him. “Am I the one you would choose for your bride?” she asked unabashedly.

“You are the one, my darling.” He turned from her and rolled his eyes. Had he the equipment, he’d fuck her right now. However, as it was, Dacious was the only one who had been granted that gift, and he refused to allow the sting of jealousy to further prick his ire about it.

He could practically hear the wheels turning in Erzebet’s head while she stood across the room from him. Stupid woman. It was quite presumptuous of her to think he was there to cater to her every need and desire. He was about to tell her so when at last she spoke.

“My prince, how do I find Dacious?”

Lucifer walked over to the fire to stand next to Erzebet. He stepped onto the bricks so that he could look down on her. “Dacious has fallen in love with a woman by the name of Gemmah Parker.”

“Love?” Erzebet nearly choked on the word.

Lucifer grinned. After a moment of relishing the anguish on Erzebet’s face, he continued. “Capture her and you will have Dacious begging you for whatever you wish for in return for her release.”

Erzebet’s countenance turned hard. “Where is this Gemmah Parker?”


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