Devin and Melisande Meet ~ Joust of Hearts



     A brief, nagging opinion flitted through her mind that she really should not be here with a strange man, however handsome. She stole a quick glance his way.

     Handsome, she found, was an understatement.

     Devin sat beside her and she watched him take a quick sip of his drink. “Unless there is something more you desire,” he said, setting his wine down on the ground next to the bench.

     Melisande took a large gulp of her wine then started to stand. “Nay, what else could there be?”

     Devin reached out and caught her by the waist. He gently pulled her down onto his lap, her back against his chest. His breath warmed her neck and stirred her hair. A thrill buzzed through her like a bee flying in haste to his hive. She listened intently as Devin inhaled deep into his being.

     “Let us explore those possibilities,” he whispered as he took her goblet and set it down next to his own.

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