Devin and Melisande in the Tower ~ Joust of Hearts


There was no helping herself. She reached up and threw her arms around his neck as high as she could. Devin in turn pulled her close.

“Your efforts are the sweetest thing a man has done for me in all of my life,” she said, and briefly touched her forehead to his chin.

“Your late husband never recited verse for you?”

Melisande attempted to stifle a giggle. “Nay not, and by the by, how did you find out I was widowed?”

“I hear talk,” he replied, tossing his head to the side in dismissal of the subject.

“And what else did you hear?”

Devin’s smile faded, his eyes turned deep green and the torch light reflected in them. “I also heard that you have not been with a man since he died,” he said in a low voice, slowly leaning his face toward hers.

Melisande’s heart pounded as it always did when he was this close.

“Remind me to dismiss those two gossiping maids from my employ,” she said half-heartedly, tilting her chin up. Their lips brushed together so lightly it tickled. Devin’s tongue gently teased her lower lip and her body melted along with her legs out from under her. She felt his arms tighten around her, keeping her from falling.

So much for her sainthood. The short-lived battle for her widowed purity was forever lost. And now that she was resigned to that fact, she no longer cared. And so what?  ‘Tis not as if I am relinquishing my virginity. She hadn’t realized until this moment how lonely she had been. It feels so wonderful to be in Devin’s big, strong arms. This is heaven. She pulled away enough to sigh and murmur, “What is it about you that makes my mind bemused?”

He answered her silently with a kiss.

With each passing moment, his embrace became more intense as they melted closer together and lovingly feasted upon each other.

Melisande wanted more of his tongue.

He stopped kissing her and growled playfully. “Will you eat me alive, then, woman?” He reached down, his hands cupping her bottom, and pulled her toward him until she was flush against his hardness. “I would like that.” And he began again with his plundering kisses.

She could barely reach the floor with her toes. “Devin…” came her ragged groan as he nipped her cheeks then her neck.

“Aye, Melisande. You will be mine,” he whispered.


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