Conversation with Jehoel (cont’d)


“What I’d really like to talk about is Dacious.”

He sobered then nodded. “What would you like to know?”

“Come, let us sit.” I sunk into a soft patch of green grass and he followed. “Do you miss him?”

Jehoel shifted his weight as if uncomfortable.

“You don’t have to hide your emotions from me.”

“I don’t really have emotions as you know them.”

“Whatever you’d like to call it, you must miss his camaraderie and companionship. You were best friends, after all. Practically inseparable”

“My main responsibilities disallow me to— That is to say—”

I instantly felt what he was trying not to convey. I lowered my voice. “You’re able to peek in on him from time to time, aren’t you?”

He raised a dark brow for emphasis. “Now you stop that. I suppose that’s what I get for helping cultivate your consciousness”

I suppressed a grin. “Regardless, you mustn’t feel guilty. I would never fault you for having feelings, you know.”

“I’m not supposed to.” His voice sounded as if he were trying to convince himself to be other than what he was.

“Jehoel, if you didn’t care for others the way you do, we wouldn’t love you so much. And besides, I have no doubt that HE knows.” I said, indicating to the sky above.

When he shook his head in protest, I reached out and placed my hand upon his. “It is said that God made man in his image, but that’s not to say that he didn’t impart his love on your kind when he created you.”

“And what of Lucifer? He, at one time, was more glorious than even Michael.”

“All of you have chosen your paths. Even Dacious.”

“What happened to Dacious was not his fault. His trust in Lucifer is to blame.”

Jehoel’s tall, broad stature was that of a mighty warrior angel and could be intimidating to someone who didn’t know him. His voice had risen which it never did, at least in my presence. I did not come her to upset Jehoel. “I know. We must see this story to its completion. Even then, it doesn’t end, as you are well aware.”

“I must then, work through my lack of patience.”

“You have more patience than anyone I know. You’re here with me, aren’t you?”

He looked at me with a smirk. “I never tire of you.”

“Then you’re better than I am.” I chuckled. “I tire of me.”

His palm beneath mine flipped over so that we were holding hands. “Humans are unique, even unto each other.”

“How very diplomatic of you. I suppose we’re a never-ending source of entertainment, as well.”

He took a breath to reply but paused for a moment. “There is that.”

We stood. “Promise me you won’t beat yourself up for caring about Dacious, regardless if he’s one of your charges or not?”

After a moment he spoke. “Very well. I consent.” Then he gifted me with a brief embrace that left me with a glimpse of heaven.

The peace swirled about me as I stepped away from Jehoel to find my way back. Not three steps down the path, I turned back to him. “If I find that you’re slipping, I’ll write you into your own novel.”

“Ha! Don’t even think about it.”


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