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“Genella deGrey’s heroines aspire to be proper, but let’s face it, convention is boring! They inevitability end up entangled in a scandalous situation or two, which makes for a read that will keep you smiling throughout.”

From the Pen of Genella deGrey:







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  1. Hey, Genella!

    Thanks for letting me post this here.

    NOTICE: Anyone know any male models? Ellora’s Cave is looking for cover models and they need them to go to their convention in Ohio…ALL EXPENSES PAID…this September/October. If so, have them contact Shannon through Facebook: Shannon Ellora’s Cave


    Kahli Reid
    Editor, Ellora’s Cave

  2. Dear Genella,

    Farrah Rochon suggested your name to me. I apologize for leaving just a comment; I can’t for the life of me find another way to contact you!!

    Anyway, my blog, In Search of Giants, mostly focuses on writing, reading and the people who do them.

    This year, I’m trying to do an A to Z author interview series for back to school and need an author whose name starts with ‘G’. The questions are easy and quick. Would you be interested?

    If you are, would you let me know a good email for you, please? Also, if you know of anyone else – author, writer, agent, agented non-published- who might like to participate, I need all kinds of letters!

    Thanks –


    • I had a fun time with Aerin’s interview (all those weeks ago) – Thanks, hon! 🙂

      Just in case anyone else is looking for my email addy, you can find it on this site, but it’s hidden from those creepy-crawler web thingies.

  3. Hi Genella 🙂
    I got my box of goodies from RT, SO many books 8D, bookbags & swag.
    Thanks again for the cool contest:)
    Mindy 🙂

  4. Hi

    Just wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Glad to hear you’ll be joining me at RP? Care to share more info? Either way, you’ll love it there. Great people.


  5. LOVE THE TRAILER…HA JEFF IS THE ONE BEHIND IT:)))))) Ok I see GREAT things for you in my crystal ball…..including the use of MY PIX in the next trailer…..I want to be on the cover…:) I DO do it for a living…HA!

    proud of you!!!!

    XO TC

  6. Just dropping by to say “Hi!” Hope you’re doing well. I’m finally taking time to identify the stones you gave me. Can’t wait to see what they are. Thank you again!

  7. Hey G! Thanks for the email. You really have your site rocking. Can’t wait for your release. Keep in touch.

    You so have some of my all time fav movies off to the right. Bravo!

  8. Hi I read Kaye Mano’s blogs too.. I must say your site is fantastic. Love the covers
    its nice to see the court jester in the corner here. Loved that movie.

    Nancy O

    • Hi Kaye! Yes, this is my website! 😀 Thank you for stopping by!

      You can access my blog by clicking “by genelladegrey” above.

      I don’t blog too much – But enjoy surfing to other writer’s blogs! See you on yours soon!


  9. Hi Genella! It’s nice to meet you! It was good to see you visiting my blog! You left a great comment. Boy, do we have the same taste in movies! I like your website, but don’t see a blog. Do you have that up yet? Maybe I just missed it. Congrats on you book being e-pubbed. Great cover too. Stay in touch and email me: kayemanro at yahoo.com

  10. G I love your HP this is so cool!! Ok I came home and thought my computer was messing on me but My daughter was checking out your page. Oh I’m on my way to read the other stuff on you page. Love you G I’m so proud of you boz

  11. Angel – Actually, the one you read was one of my short erotic romance stories.
    “Remember Me” is what they call a ‘single-title’ – regular novel size.

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  12. G!!! I am so excited for you!!! The page looks great BTW, awesome work sweetie!!
    Can’t wait to read your work, is that the same you let us read before?? If so, OH YEAH!!!

  13. Hey G! Your web site and your novel both look great! I don’t know how you have time to do everything you do ~ you’re a genius in our midst.

  14. Connie – ‘Remember Me’ will be released as an ebook at first, then when it meets certain sales criteria, Freya’s Bower will consider putting it to print.

    There is another way however . . . If Freya’s Bower likes the related book I will be submitting to them within a couple of weeks, “The Art of Temptation,” they might put both to print. 🙂 🙂

    I have several ideas about a guest-hostess site – but I think I will need to have three or four published books with heroes/characters out there to be put up for hubbies.

    Wouldn’t that be fun? Hehe!

  15. Whoo Hoo!! I finally made it here. Have no idea what took me so long. This looks terrific G. I’m VERY impatiently awaiting your book, and I wanted to ask you if I could be the Queen GG(that’s Genella Groupie)????

    Is your book going to be an e-book, or a paperback? Doesn’t really matter to me, I’m going to get it either way, was just wonderin’. Looking forward to a little excerpt to read here.

  16. Okay, okay. Far be it from me to deny you! 😉
    As soon as I have an edited product I’ll put one up.
    Thank you, everyone for your steadfast support!
    With my undying affection,

  17. Wow! Exceptional teaser. I’m so excited for you. Where’s the excerpt??? Do you have a free read? I know. Too many questions… But I want to read an excerpt!!! 😉

  18. Oh GIRL! I am so proud of you. We all knew these days would come but geez that cover! Wow. It’s awesome and even if I didn’t know you I’d probably pick the book up because of the cover and the title. You are so awesome.

    I really am SO happy for you Gina. You’ve worked so hard and for so long on this. You deserve it!

  19. G I can’t tell you how excited I am for you. Congratulations!! Just know I’ll be one of the first out there to pick up REMEMBER ME. You are an awesome lady. I feel blessed to know you as a sister-friend.

    Big Hugs,


  20. Genella! Congratulations on starting your web site. And you have such fabulous authors on your home page! Seriously though, I love your cover and cannot wait to read REMEMBER ME. Another thing to look forward to around the holidays. I know how much work you put into this and how much it means to you, so it’s really exciting to see it all come to fruition.

    Big hugs,

  21. I LOVE the cover. It is very atmospheric and intriguing. I can’t wait to experience the “Remember Me” story. Congratulations, Genella!

  22. Woohoo how cool!!!! I am so going to have to organise with someone in the US to send me a copy to Australia when your book comes out. I love this cover!


  23. I love the cover, I can’t wait to buy the book and I am so proud of you, Genella. This book is awesome from the get go and I always loved it. The new page looks great, too. Awesome job.

    Love and hugs,

  24. AWESOME!!!! I am so honored to be acquainted with someone on their way to becoming an awesome voice. Many blessings to you G!

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