Retail therapy ~ Do something nice for yourself

Global economy seems to have stagnated at a very low level. At least it has for me, for it’s been a year and a half since I’ve been gainfully employed. No matter how many times we’ve been promised ‘change’ the only thing that has ‘changed’ is certain powers tightening their strangle hold on us little guys.

What I really need every once in a while is some retail therapy to make me feel all warm and cozy again. Admittedly, this is only a temporary fix, but you can bet your boots a tiny pick-me-up is better than none at all.

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Here are a few smaller companies that need to be recognized for not only their fine products, but their stellar costumer service:

Pure Incense & Oils. The source for all my incense and oil needs. Their stickless or ‘coreless’ incense burns for a goodly amount of time and it fills my house with a pleasant aroma. VERY reasonable prices! Just look at all the yummy choices!

Pacifica. Pure and long-lasting fragrances can be found at Pacifica. I’ve loved this company for many years now. Their candles are soy based, their perfumes are amazing, and now they are moving into mineral cosmetics. They have a permanent spot at Whole Foods, but more recently, I’ve found some of their products at Target. The┬áCo-Founder of the company is Brook, and she’s a down-to-earth doll!

The Pyramid Collection. Amazing wealth of goodies and some exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else available at The Pyramid Collection – goodies for every taste and every budget. Myth, Magik, Fantasy and Romance – they have it all!

Yankee Candle Company. I know this is definitely a bigger, well-known company, but I HAD to include them because they are my favorite candle. They come in a variety of sizes so that I can indulge my candle fetish in many ways. Did you know that candles can eliminate cooking orders even if you light your candles as you begin cooking? Burn one or two in the kitchen and one in each adjacent room next time you cook something that tends to linger in the air and your home will not carry the scent for hours and hours afterward.

I would be entirely remiss if I didn’t mention this great resource: Amoeba. You can find new, used and rare DVDs and CDs. Good movies are a passion of mine. However, sometimes studio marketing strategies, or lack thereof, do not reach as far as would do justice to a phenomenal film. On IMDB do a search for your favorite actors. Check out their filmography list. I’ll bet you’ll find projects they’ve done you’ve never even heard of listed there. Find the name of the film, then look it up at Amoeba. Therein lies a whole new world, my friend.

Happy Shopping!