Aslyn & Ryus in the woods


     His hands seemed to have minds of their own—he closed his eyes—his cock sure as Hell did.

* * *

     Aslyn tilted her head back, welcoming his attentions. Her heart pounded as he toyed with her, her breath increasing to a pant with every stroke, every caress.

     “I like the way my fingers have access to your body as you sit before me with your legs spread wide,” he whispered into her ear.

     Aslyn shuddered at his words. She wanted to reply, but couldn’t think. His touch invoked an ancient magic—primitive, before time was time. His fingers surrounded her aching nub, gently tugging then pressing it flat against her. When his other hand joined in the stimulus, a deep moan escaped her lips. The fingers of his other hand would delve into her moist folds then retract to trace the outer rim of her nether lips with her own wetness.

     Aslyn’s back arched, her bottom perched just on the edge of the thick padding. She could hardly contain herself. Ryus’ finger sunk into her, probing until he discovered a place up inside her which caused her to cry out when he plied his finger tip to it. Again and again he slid over the spot while his other hand made tiny circles with her outer flesh. His actions sent her over the crest of a great power that caused her to call out in passion. Her cries echoed around them causing birds to take flight from the branches above.

     Ryus’ fingers stilled, but continued to apply a soft pressure, prolonging her sweet agony. Aslyn’s body nearly reeled with the endless sensations, as he held her suspended in rapture with his hands. His efficiency with her body was the most magnificent thing she’d ever encountered.

     “Ryus,” Aslyn breathed, the high pitched tone sounding like song.

     “Soon I shall have you, my lover,” he breathed into her ear sending shivers over her skin.

     “Nay, I cannot wait.” She slid from his hands down to the woodland floor.

     Dismounting from Meterio’s back, Ryus followed her. She slipped between trees until she found a grassy patch which would accommodate the lovers. She tossed her tunic away and lay down, beckoning to him with a raised hand.


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