Never the same thing twice (Almost Never).

   When one thinks about successful actors, writers or any sort of artist and the path they took to ‘make it big,’ rarely does it happen the same way twice.

   Let’s face it: Artists get ‘discovered’ in so many different ways, it would be impossible to nail down even a few formulas for everyone to follow.

   During the time I wrote “Whisked Away,” I merely glanced at the trailers for Julie & Julia because I’d already possessed a handful of ‘cooking’ films to refer to for my research. Well, tonight I watched the film for the first time.

Julia Child's Kitchen

Julia Child’s Kitchen

   “Julie & Julia” tells the story of two different women, each in her own time period, setting out to find themselves by way of writing and cooking, and cooking and writing.

Julia Child's Kitchen2

Julia Child’s Kitchen

   As you know, I’ve had an awful 2 + years, but I have to tell you that this film really inspired me.

   There are vast differences between me and Julie and Julia – for instance, they both have wonderful men in their lives who provide not only emotional support but monetary, where I don’t. (And that is only ONE of the many dissimilarities, trust me.)

   However, there are other parallels we share.

   We are women and (for what ever reason) we need to reinvent ourselves. That path is a long one (and for me, a lonely one) but if we keep our heads down, and remain focused on the prize, there is no stopping us – or anyone, for that matter.

   I could write twenty stories, have them published, and only a handful of people will ever read them.

   But you know what? Those few people who actually loved my stories were entertained – even if it only required a single evening for them to read a book of mine that took a year and a half from the first word I typed to the actual publication date.

   And I’m totally OK with that. I made someone smile, tear up or believe that the perfect kind of love DOES exist and CAN last.

   Yes, I’m struggling to keep a roof over mine and my son’s head, but my soul is fulfilled because I was able to entertain someone.

   That’s just me- how I tick. I’m not Stephen King, nor am I Nora Roberts. I don’t want to be. I can’t treat writing like a job, I love story-telling and entertaining too much. It’s my art, it’s what makes me unique.

   As Julie Powell wanted to meet Julia Child, perhaps someday I’ll be able to shake Julie Powell’s hand and thank her for inspiring me.

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   Thanks for listening & reading ~


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