Cold outside, warm inside! What to do when it’s below freezing ~


It is apparent that Jack Frost has nipped at more than one nose this winter. Are you stuck inside because you are heeding the warning that your flesh will freeze in thirty seconds?

 I have a suggestion…. <G> How about a little education?

Katrina Harwood has found herself far removed from the budding young lady she used to be. Circumstances entirely out of her control have placed her in a most undesirable situation. She is now a thief. Her everyday survival depends upon her picking the pockets of the well-to-do. Having resigned to this fate, if only until she can get herself out of this pit, her one stumbling block is that she’s miserable at thievery. Although it could be that her heart just isn’t in to it, she still has to pay the piper for her food and shelter. If she doesn’t produce, she must endure submitting her body to her landlord.

Maxwell Courtland is a man with needs. For instance, he needs to get his young, married sister, Susanna, off his back about settling down. On paper, Susanna’s choices for him rival each other in beauty and class, however, Max has heard talk about said beauties, and has found that their faults outshine their virtues by leagues. Running out of ways to stave off Susanna, Max discovers a thief attempting to run off with the family silver, but the lesson he teaches her rebounds with adverse effects, and he presently can’t get the thought of her pliable backside out of his mind.

For Katrina, the spanking was a tutorial in humiliation. Why, then, would she crave more of the same from her would-be victim?


Might you be up for it, too?

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That aught to melt Jack Frost’s icy intentions.

Stay warm & Happy reading!


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