Stamp out ebook Piracy – How to find free ebooks


As you may already know, I am part of the unemployed masses struggling to keep it together in this crappy economy. My finances, even when I was an intricate part of the workforce, were tight. Now I’m going to have to punch another hole or two in the proverbial belt so I can squeeze it even smaller. To be honest, I’m afraid. I am a single mom – I have no hero, no champion of my own who would be there for me as I try to keep a room over my 8 year-old son’s precious head – I’m totally on my own. If I fail, it’s all on my shoulders.

Now I’m scraping for coupons and freebies just to make ends meet – and I know I’m not alone in this.

Not moments after my contract with The Walt Disney Company ended last year, I thought about how all the money from the pirated ebooks would have helped now that I’m unemployed.

Pirating ebooks happens every day – and some of you do it without batting an eyelash . . . or without even knowing you are doing it.

Illegal eBook sharing? Don’t. You are in essence steeling money from us.

You’ll never fully understand the financial impact pirated books has on writers, musicians or on any other reusable art form until it happens to you.

I pray it never does.

Here are a couple of LEGITIMATE websites you can find free erotic romance ebooks you can download, guilt-free.

Free Erotic ebooks:

Total E-Bound

All Romance Ebooks

And finally, ANYTIME you want to look up legitimately FREE ebooks on Amazon, NON-pirated, promos by the author, follow these directions:

At the top of the Amazon page where the search fields are, choose ‘books’ in the drop down then type in $0.00, and hit ‘go’

If you like the book, please go back and buy more books from that author. When you make that purchase, THIS is how we make a living – this is what keeps our computers connected so that we can bring you more fantastic stories.

Thank you, from all of us authors, for your continuing support! 🙂


PS, this article was pulled from my blog archives and updated.

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