Post Halloween Post –

Only one holiday makes me giddy like a little 
kid – and that's Halloween.
More than a few places on this planet cause 
that same child-like feeling in me – Disneyland 
is one of them. Combine the two and I'm done for 
– in a good way. ;)
The best thing about Disneyland is the tiny details 
that sadly, most people miss because they are too 
busy running from one ride to the next. 
Here are a few shots I took when we visited the Dis 
on Friday, October 30th, '09:
Let's begin with a shop that I could spend a large
fortune in, "Disneyana." Here are a couple of close-
ups of goodies in the window and in the store:
And speaking of windows, here is my favorite - 
I always have to take a peek at this one
no matter what time of year it is. Look closely - 
so many amazing goodies in here!:
The detail of Fantasyland's architecture 
always thrills me:
Have you ever watched the window above Snow White's
Scary Adventrue? Just about every twenty seconds,
the Evil Queen peeks out of the window:
It is said that the clock above (and below) is set
to the exact time Walter Elias Disney died.
Most of the time you can find me in
in New Orleans Square. As I am quite
fond of the Victorian era, and simply
MAD about "Tim Burton's The Nightmare
Before Christmas," you can imagine how
I drool over the Haunted Mansion Holiday
attraction every year:
I get a kick out of Main Street, too.
You can only see the pumpkins if you look
MainStreet1 MainStreet2
(Just FYI - In his younger days, Steve Martin
worked in the Main Street Magic Shop. :) )
Thank you so much for letting me share my love for
the Dis with you. If I make it back before Christmas,
I'll take more pix and post them here. 
May your holidays be filled with warmth and loved ones.

4 thoughts on “Post Halloween Post –

  1. Le sigh…I’ve never been to Disney. I’ve always wanted to go, but even more so now that I’ve seen your pictures!!! It looks absolutely AMAZING! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. 🙂

  2. *sigh, just looking at these gorgeous pics makes me sigh!!!

    To be on Disney on Halloween??? What I tell you could be better? Hass the Haunted Mansioin in California changed or has it always looked like that? I’ve only ever been to the one at Disney world.

    Either is exceptional technology to my way of thinking–always fascinated by the dining room /ball room.

    I loved Steve Martin!! LOLOL I have been known to have “happy feet!”
    and can that man play a banjo like nobody’s business!!!

    Thanks for sharing these Genella! they are fantastic!!


    • In this pic, Mansion is dressed up for “Haunted Mansion Holiday” where they add characters from “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.” Other than that, it has always looked pretty much the same – some possible changes to the yard may have taken place – such as the landscaping and the pet cemetery along side the queue. 😀 I love the ball room, too – but the attic is my fave. I’ve always wanted to find treasures in an old abandoned Victorian-era attic.

      Steve Martin is a doll. I did a brief extra gig on one of his movies – and on the lunch break, he sat there and ate in the tent with the rest of us regular Joes, instead of hiding away in his trailer. LOVE him. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by, Amanda!!
      Hugs –

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