HALLOWEEN Post – Count Vlad Tepes in “Remember Me.”

The following scene was removed from the story because it was originally  in Vald’s point of view. 
I thought I’d resurrect it for Halloween:


     “Remove your hands from around my throat, Vlad. I will answer the summons to attend the countess when I see fit and not before.”


     Count Vlad Tepes was one of the Lords on the High Council of vampires and their queen, Countess Erzebet Batheroy, had been his obsession for hundreds of years. He would do anything for her, even go as far as allowing the queen’s many lovers access to her bed.

     “She wants more than a word with you, Pup. It would be considered wise if you were to bow to her wishes,” Vlad hissed in Dacious’s ear.

     Dacious seized the count’s wrist and freed himself from Vlad’s grip. “I bow to no creation,” he growled.

     Vlad laughed insincerely. “Perhaps not, but were you to lay yourself at the feet of Erzebet, you would find more pleasure at the mercy of her hands than any highly-skilled whore could ever give you.”

     “You heard what I have to say on the subject,” Dacious pronounced. He turned from Count Vlad Tepes and walked away.

      At once, Vlad materialized from a mist in front of Dacious in order to hamper his steps. “Do not turn your back on me, Pup!” he ground out, his fangs emerging beneath his parted lips.

     Without batting an eyelash, Dacious turned invisible and walked through the infuriated vampire.

     Vlad froze. No mist. No other form had the Pup chosen for his transition, as was the way of the brethren. He turned away casually, pretending the nonexistent mode of transformation hadn’t ruffled his feathers in the least. However, his mind raced.

      Silent suspicion pierced the night air around him.

     His queen had wanted the pup for a bedmate since the first night Dacious came to court. Vlad scoffed, good taste can be so subjective.


     Erzebet was his, damn it. His hands flexed into fists. Was it not himself who’d rescued her from that horrid little walled-up room and made her immortal? A deep primal growl threatened to escape from him, but he forced a breath through his nostrils instead.

     Something was odd about the Pup. He’d always known it, but now he could smell it.

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