“Genella deGrey’s heroines aspire to be proper, but let’s face it, convention is boring! They inevitability end up entangled in a scandalous situation or two, which makes for a read that will keep you smiling throughout.”


“If you want heroines who sit in a corner and embroider hankies because it’s ‘period-correct’, you probably didn’t enjoy Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice.” – Genella deGrey


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Never the same thing twice (Almost Never).

   When one thinks about successful actors, writers or any sort of artist and the path they took to ‘make it big,’ rarely does it happen the same way twice.

   Let’s face it: Artists get ‘discovered’ in so many different ways, it would be impossible to nail down even a few formulas for everyone to follow.

   During the time I wrote “Whisked Away,” I merely glanced at the trailers for Julie & Julia because I’d already possessed a handful of ‘cooking’ films to refer to for my research. Well, tonight I watched the film for the first time.

Julia Child's Kitchen

Julia Child’s Kitchen

   “Julie & Julia” tells the story of two different women, each in her own time period, setting out to find themselves by way of writing and cooking, and cooking and writing.

Julia Child's Kitchen2

Julia Child’s Kitchen

   As you know, I’ve had an awful 2 + years, but I have to tell you that this film really inspired me.

   There are vast differences between me and Julie and Julia – for instance, they both have wonderful men in their lives who provide not only emotional support but monetary, where I don’t. (And that is only ONE of the many dissimilarities, trust me.)

   However, there are other parallels we share.

   We are women and (for what ever reason) we need to reinvent ourselves. That path is a long one (and for me, a lonely one) but if we keep our heads down, and remain focused on the prize, there is no stopping us – or anyone, for that matter.

   I could write twenty stories, have them published, and only a handful of people will ever read them.

   But you know what? Those few people who actually loved my stories were entertained – even if it only required a single evening for them to read a book of mine that took a year and a half from the first word I typed to the actual publication date.

   And I’m totally OK with that. I made someone smile, tear up or believe that the perfect kind of love DOES exist and CAN last.

   Yes, I’m struggling to keep a roof over mine and my son’s head, but my soul is fulfilled because I was able to entertain someone.

   That’s just me- how I tick. I’m not Stephen King, nor am I Nora Roberts. I don’t want to be. I can’t treat writing like a job, I love story-telling and entertaining too much. It’s my art, it’s what makes me unique.

   As Julie Powell wanted to meet Julia Child, perhaps someday I’ll be able to shake Julie Powell’s hand and thank her for inspiring me.

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   Thanks for listening & reading ~


Amtrak Plans to Give Free Rides to Writers


There exists an ocean of scams on the internet, I really hope this isn’t one of them.

When I saw this article, I heard John Lennon’s “Imagine” in my head.

Click here to hear the song and see the official vid on YouTube

It’s not often one hears of a large corporation offering to support artists, of any medium, by giving them something for free. I was both excited and impressed with Amtrak’s plans to give free rides to writers. The hours of un-interupted, inspired writing that one could accomplish sitting peacefully on a train would be astounding. Although I very much enjoy writing at Starbucks, a trip on an Amtrak train would be a welcome change.

What would be at the end of the line for a writer, you may ask?

As you may or may not have heard, writing is a lonely business. Often, authors garner support from each other. We understand the ups and downs and, in our business, the desperate need for social interaction with like-minded people. This is one of the top three reasons (for me, anyway) we attend conferences is to connect with other writers. So the first thing I would do would be to set up a book singing with author-friends at destinations where we could all come together to commune, widen our reader audience, all while working on our WIPs on board an Amtrak train.

While ebooks are dynamically and without precedent sweeping the globe, there is a certain writer/reader disconnection happening – there are no longer major in-person book tours unless you’re Andre Agassi or Pat Benatar. I, for one, would love to meet readers face to face. How would a national book tour sound, in part or in whole sponsored by Amtrak?

Would you love to have a gaggle of your favorite authors come to your town?


Oh, the possibilities! My mind just spins!

Please let Amtrak know that you as a non-author would be behind this. You can tweet your feelings to them here: @amtrak and I encourage you do to so with all my heart.

Happy Reading!


PS, I found another article about the Residency here.






Cold outside, warm inside! What to do when it’s below freezing ~


It is apparent that Jack Frost has nipped at more than one nose this winter. Are you stuck inside because you are heeding the warning that your flesh will freeze in thirty seconds?

 I have a suggestion…. <G> How about a little education?

Katrina Harwood has found herself far removed from the budding young lady she used to be. Circumstances entirely out of her control have placed her in a most undesirable situation. She is now a thief. Her everyday survival depends upon her picking the pockets of the well-to-do. Having resigned to this fate, if only until she can get herself out of this pit, her one stumbling block is that she’s miserable at thievery. Although it could be that her heart just isn’t in to it, she still has to pay the piper for her food and shelter. If she doesn’t produce, she must endure submitting her body to her landlord.

Maxwell Courtland is a man with needs. For instance, he needs to get his young, married sister, Susanna, off his back about settling down. On paper, Susanna’s choices for him rival each other in beauty and class, however, Max has heard talk about said beauties, and has found that their faults outshine their virtues by leagues. Running out of ways to stave off Susanna, Max discovers a thief attempting to run off with the family silver, but the lesson he teaches her rebounds with adverse effects, and he presently can’t get the thought of her pliable backside out of his mind.

For Katrina, the spanking was a tutorial in humiliation. Why, then, would she crave more of the same from her would-be victim?


Might you be up for it, too?

Explore an introduction to spanking in my latest ebook release, Cat and Mouse, available from Totally Bound.

Download it today ~ Surprise your partner with your new-found education tomorrow.

That aught to melt Jack Frost’s icy intentions.

Stay warm & Happy reading!


All you need is [some] love ~


Just like Peppermint Patty said, it’s been a bad week. In fact, it’s been a bad couple of years for some of us. I won’t go into details, but my grandmother just passed away – which is the worst of many things that are wrong around here.

I have some very good friends around the world – we mostly keep in touch over the internet. For some of my friends, we seldom get the chance to connect anymore than the fact that we’re friends on Facebook.

Today one of my sweet friends did something very nice for me – she posted about one of my books on her Facebook page that reaches  more than two thousand people. Now, she totally didn’t have to do that, but she did.

I messaged her: “I so love you, thanks!”

She messaged back: “I’m super glad that someone does!”

That really struck me. Why don’t we tell each other how much we appreciate and love one another?

I’m sure you’ve heard that a writer’s job is a lonely one, which it is. As I sit here [sweltering] in my apartment, I could sure use some encouragement, even if it’s someone saying they’re thinking about me – and I’m positive I’m not the only one.

My challenge to you is this: Think of five people, be they friends or family, and ping them today. Just say hello, drop them a compliment or set up a time that works for both of you to do a catch-up chat. Don’t put it off, they might not be there tomorrow.

Hugs ~